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Are you looking for local architectural services in London? We offer home architect services throughout Twickenham and south London. All our chartered architects and designers are professionally trained, and our practice is registered with RIBA.

As a local architect based in Twickenham, we can help with project management, planning permission and other architectural services for the surrounding areas. We work throughout London, including Hounslow, Twickenham, Richmond, Kingston Upon Thames and Teddington.

We offer our architectural services to both residential and commercial properties, and our company aims to ensure all our clients get everything they need, from help with finding new innovative ideas to advice regarding problems with planning permission. Our company provides many architectural services within the local Twickenham and Richmond area, such as:

Project Management

We cover the whole process of building project management, from the beginning to the end, including creating plans and schedules, design planning, preparing outline drawings, submitting the planning application, producing building contracts and supervising the building work at the site.

During Project management, we must use the building regulations to make sure the project is safe, economical and environmentally friendly.

Planning Permission Consultancy

If you are having problems with planning permission, we can support you throughout the entire process and ensure all your plans are accepted and executed successfully. Here at the Trimble Architects Practice, based in Twickenham, we have years of experience, so we can ensure our clients have their plans accepted.

If the plans do get denied, we will discuss them with the local planning authority and use our expertise to help find the best solutions.

Party Wall Agreements

A Party Wall Agreement is applicable when the planned building work is next to or close to, or going over your neighbour's side of the land, for example, building an extension onto the existing property.

This could cause a boundary dispute between you and your neighbour. With the help of one of our ARB and RIBA registered architects, this can be avoided, so nothing needs to get out of hand.

Construction Risk Management

For large construction projects, such as a business starting or developing in a commercial property, it is required by law to produce a construction risk management assessment. We have a lot of experience in risk assessments, so understand what they need to involve.

We must examine each detail of the project to find risks and dangers that could be caused to workers, the public, and the future users of the property.

Structural Surveys

Before you purchase a property, a structural survey may need to be completed. The same goes for extensions on the property, which may require the perspective of an architect.

We will look at existing architecture, the building's condition, as well as the space available to work with, and look at drawings of the plans to see if it all works together.

Disabled Alterations

We want to help you create the perfect living spaces for you and your family or working environments for you and your colleagues. Our ARB architects (Architects Registration Board) are qualified to give you a selection of good ideas, so you never feel limited when it comes to accessibility.

Trimble Architects have extensive experience in disabled alterations and work closely with Local Authorities and Disables Facilities Grants.

Who Are We?

As a local architectural company, we want to make your life easier, which is why we use an efficient and cost-effective approach to find the best way to reach your desired outcome.

From housing extensions to working with designers to create a beautiful interior design of office space, kitchen or living room, we can help with the drawings, the architecture, the right to light law that comes with planning permission, and much more.

If you require professional architectural services in London, feel free to get in touch. Contact our local architect today on 020 8538 9303 to discuss your project further.


If you require architectural advice for planning or managing a project, we can help. Find out more about our architectural services in London.

What are Architectural Services?

Architectural services involve working with construction to develop a property, designing the building of your dreams, project management, working around the client's budget and much more. The architect must be fully trained and qualified to carry out these services, with years of experience and positive reviews.

What Does a Residential Architect do?

Residential architects remodel buildings that people live in, including houses and apartments, using art and construction. This could be to design it from scratch or to make improvements. It can take many years to become a qualified residential architect, including all the training.

Here at Trimble Architects, we want you to be proud of your home, which is why we are fully trained and qualified in the industry to design and build the house of your dreams.

How Long do Architectural Drawings take?

The length of time an architectural drawing takes will depend on the project and the building itself. For example, if you are building an entire home from scratch, then these drawings will take longer than making improvements to an existing home. It could take, on average, a month to draw up the designs for your home. However, some architectural drawings can take longer.

Once we have done this, the drawings will need to be sent to the Local Authorities to seek planning permission. This could take around four months to hear back, and then if they have a problem with the designs, we could have to re-draw.



"I have known Bob Trimble for about six years. During this time he has overseen two major jobs plus four smaller ones to satisfactory conclusions. I have found him to be very competent, reliable and professional man. I would have no hesitations in recommending him to anyone."


"Bob's help was invaluable to us, his clear advice resolved a confusing situation and gave us real peace of mind."


"We have worked with Bob Trimble for ten years now and have found his services to be very competent and efficient. The quality of his work has been good and on time. We have recommended his services to many friends and family who have also gone to use his services. We thoroughly recommend him."

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