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Are you looking for local architects in Richmond, London? Trimble Architects are Chartered Architects based in Richmond, offer a wide range of high-quality architectural services from residential and commercial properties throughout the Richmond area.

We aim to ensure all our clients get everything they need, from the first consultation to the initial help with finding new and highly innovative ideas, to advising on problems with planning permission and architecture.

Richmond, South West London

Richmond is an affluent residential district bordering the River Thames in South West London. With its tranquil Kew Gardens that attracts botanical enthusiasts and families and its vast Arboretum, 17th-century Kew Palace, and the fantastic panoramic views from its Treetop Walkway.

There are herds of deer roaming around Richmond Park, which is also a popular picnic spot.

The Quadrant main street and nearby roads have some fantastic eclectic shops, casual and upscale dining, and first-class performances at Richmond Theatre. Richmond is a suburban town in south-west London, 8.2 miles (13.2 km) west-southwest of Charing Cross.

It is on a meander of the River Thames, and many protected conservation areas which include much of Richmond Hill. Every conservation area has its unique regulations, Trimble Architects know the ins and outs of Richmond planning and how extremely essential that knowledge is for our clients.

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Project Management:

Project Management is the organisation and supervision of a project to ensure completion in a correct and timely manner. To do this, we discuss everything with our clients from their budgets and our fees and time scales of the project and ensure they agree with everything.

We can produce any drawings that are required, the right to light law that comes with planning permission and the architectural design.

Whatever your project, we can manage a good number of projects from a complete modern new build, loft conversions to designing a new kitchen extension with extra living space. Our professional team will assist you with every stage of your project.

Construction Risk Assessment:

Even before working on your site commences, a full risk assessment of the building must be completed. It will allow us to list any defects within the structure of the property.

A structural survey will also ensure the safety of workers and future users, including unstable floors, interior and exterior walls or other defects in the structure. It will also prevent any legal action from being taken if the error is not listed on the brief.

Party Wall Agreements:

One thing you will need before any works commence is a Party Wall Agreement survey. Without one, it may cause a dispute between you and your next-door neighbours. We were using our expert knowledge and experience to negotiate and create and process the Party Wall Agreements for our clients.

Planning Permission:

You need to attain planning permission before you commence work on your building works on your home or commercial property. There are some cases where you don't require consent.

Trimble Architects will give you the best information you need regarding planning permission and your planning application if it is necessary, while we deliver great customer service.

Structural Surveys:

A structural survey is conducted to examine the building to avoid any problems that will occur because of the property's poor condition.

Not only will a structural survey prevent more damage to the property, but it will also ensure the safety of workers and future users, due to unstable floors, walls or other defects detected in the structure of the property.

Disabled Adaptations:

You can apply for Disabled Facilities Grants. We would work together with the local authority in Richmond.

You might feel that you need adaptions to your property for many different things like adding a stairlift, widening interior spaces and improving access in or around the front or rear extension of your house.

You might need ramps to doorways, or redesigning a bathroom to overseeing the completion of a full groundfloor single-storey kitchen extension.

Whatever, your needs and requirements we will assist you, making your home or business accessible so you can enjoy your surroundings without the obstacles that would generally be in your way.

Our Architectural Services

Trimble Architects is an established architectural company with over 30 years of experience, we want to make your life far more manageable with solutions for your project, not obstacles.

Our services are efficient and cost-effective to reach the desired outcome for your project. Extending or improving a home in Richmond requires permission from the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames.

We specialise in residential refurbishments, loft conversions, basement conversions, studio extensions, and new bespoke new homes with a high-end finish. Our chartered architects and designers are excellent, highly trained professionals, and our practice is registered with RIBA.

We have all the up to date current knowledge on local guidance, permitted development, planning procedures and all the technical requirements for building control, allowing us to keep all of our clients well informed throughout their project. We are continually working to extend our knowledge.

We search the latest guidelines, developments and procedures. Please contact our chartered architects business on 020 8538 9303 or call 02085389303 we are happy to provide all the information and advice you require for the whole design concept.

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