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Are you looking for local architects in Teddington? Trimble Architects based in Teddington, a suburb in South West London, England, we offer a vast range of architectural services with over 30 years of high-level experience as a chartered architect and registered with RIBA (Royal Institute Of British Architects).

We offer all the help our clients require from the information and advice you need for a new build house, residential and commercial refurbishments, bespoke loft conversions, modern basement conversions or large outdoor studio extensions at the rear of your property.

We will even assist with your creative housing solutions, innovative office renovations and contemporary interior design projects while listening to the ideas you have for your project and the changes you want to make to your existing living space.

Teddington, South West London

Teddington is a suburb in South West London, England. Its location is historically in Middlesex, and it has been part of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames since 1965. Teddington is on a long meander of the Thames between Hampton Wick and Strawberry Hill, Twickenham.

There are some charming streets with lots of green space on your doorsteps, such as Hampton Court Park, Bushy Park and the River Thames and many smaller parks and local children's playgrounds in the area.

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Planning Permission:

If your building is listed, there might well be restrictions in place due to its architectural design, however, if you are experiencing problems with your planning permission, we will support you throughout the whole process.

We ensure all the relevant plans are designed, accepted and executed successfully to enable work to commence on your site.

Project Management:

We can prepare outline architectural drawings and submit your planning application. We make sure all the details of your project are completed correctly and that your builders are working to the correct time scales.

We will create plans and schedules and prepare quality outline drawings ready to submit for planning permission.

Disabled Adaptations:

If you require adaptions to either to your existing home or commercial premises, we can assist you with the whole planning process, from a ground floor single-storey kitchen extension, ramps, widened doorways and redesigning a bathroom.

Our team of professional designers with a high level of creativity will be only too happy to give you all the information or advice required.

Structural Surveys:

A structural survey will examine the interior and exterior of the building to locate any problems that will occur due to the property's condition.

If you require any further information, you can call and contact our practice on 020 8538 9303 or mobile number 07785711635 for a free quote. Our highly experienced team consistently deliver excellent customer service.

Construction Risk Assessment:

This relevant assessment enables any defects in your property to be found within its architecture. This type of survey will also ensure the safety of workers and future users and clients from defective walls, floors and roofs.

Party Wall Agreements:

For any building works that might affect your neighbours home, you will need a Party Wall Agreement survey.

Without one, it may cause a dispute between you and your next-door neighbours if their garden boundary or right of light is affected.

We will negotiate the whole of this process for you while finding the right solutions to provide you.

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