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Are you looking for architectural drawings services in London? Our Twickenham based RIBA chartered architect offers a complete service for planning and extending your home or business. Contact us to discuss loft conversion architect services for Hounslow, Twickenham, Richmond, Kingston Upon Thames, Teddington and South London.

Our architectural firm is proud to build your vision and create a personal aesthetic and functional environment! 

Our team make sure you get the best value from your budget, combining your ideas and our expertise to create a beautifully crafted space perfect for you.  

We'll provide a seamless and stress-free service, ensuring the process goes to plan, and any issues are dealt with promptly. We are based in Twickenham and accept any projects in and around the London area, no matter how big or small. 

Below we break down the two key types of Architectural design services; Structural and Construction Architectural drawings.

Structural Drawings

Before undertaking a new job you should confirm a structural engineer has completed structural calculations, as this is vital for the foundations of any project.  

During this step, you can attain planning approval and highlight any relevant building regulations before the drawing stage takes place, furthermore, it ensures the team are working cohesively.  

The information included at this stage should include; materials needed, foundation measurements, structural works, a timescale and possible health and safety risks.

Construction Drawings

Generally, construction drawings are completed by the architects as part of the pre-construction stage.  

These hand-drawn or virtual drawings are used to construct the building as they depict the structure's dimensions, the installation materials and various other aspects.  

The construction drawing also guides local agencies in charge of necessary permits.  

In some cases, other professionals may contribute one or more construction drawings; for instance, larger projects may require specific drawings for ventilation, plumbing or fire protection.

Residential Architecture


Converting your cellar or basement can completely transform your property and drastically increase space in your home. The basement can be used to create any new rooms you desire, from cinema rooms to a full equipt home gym. 

Basement/Cellar conversions are great for expanding families and lifestyle needs, as moving home for one extra bedroom or bathroom seems unrealistic and a waste of money when there's a perfectly fine space to convert in your current home.

It's an easy process; just let our Architects know what rooms you want to add and why, as well as desired shapes, sizes, measurements, fixtures, themes and layouts.  The team can then develop cohesive and realistic designs to match your vision and create a beautiful new environment in your home. 


Looking for something a bit bigger? Well, a house extension can provide your home with a great deal of extra space, whether a new room above a garage or as a porchway.  

Even the smallest details must be considered to help the project stay focused on the customers' wants and needs; that's why we ensure planning is complete before any construction begins.   

The architect team will help choose the best shapes, sizes and features for the space, taking your opinion as the top consideration.  

Using this information, the Architects will create concepts and 3D models to display the proposed house extension, this allows changes to be made easily before any construction starts. Once built the extension should blend seamlessly into the existing structure.


Is your home feeling tired or cluttered? Transform your home today with House Refurbishments! Without the hassle of moving home, transform your space into something completely different with some simple changes to maximise space, character and functionality.  

Our designers and architects will listen to your requirements and follow the plans to the T whilst meticulously checking every detail.


Another great use of existing space is a Loft Conversion. Similarly to a basement conversion, these plans use space you already have to create an entirely new environment in your home.  

There are four key types of loft conversions; dormer, roof light, mansard and hip-to-gable; the one is chosen will depend on various factors, including the age of your home and your budget for the project. Our team at Trimble Architects ensure the new attic/loft designs are practical and aesthetically pleasing, ticking every box for your family and ensuring attention to detail.


The great thing about a new build is that it's often a blank slate, ready for you to transform into your dream home.  

With a team of architects, you can design aspects of your home to fit perfectly with your family, lifestyle and needs.  

The renovations/constructions being installed could be a brand-new state of the art kitchen or a simple bathroom renovation; every detail is managed to create a cohesive and clean build. 

Some builders specialise in new builds, so consider this during the job as they'll have vast amounts of specific experience needed for your new custom-built home. Ensure your architect team is trusted, like Trimble Architects Ltd., to create a home that's a delight to wake up in and even more delightful when returning from a hard day at work.

Commercial Architecture

Bar and Club Refurbishment

Your bar, club or restaurant's design and decor should reflect the owners' taste, as well as the expectations of customers, whether this is a family-friendly pub, sophisticated restaurant, international cuisine buffet or a mega-nightclub.  

We work alongside you to create an outstanding and personal design bound to leave a lasting impression on any customer who comes by. It's about the perfect mix of ambience and atmosphere, using mood lighting, textiles and various other features. Our team will work until your venue is achieving desired results with customers, reviews or other measures!

Commercial New Builds

Our team work hard to create an aesthetically pleasing and appropriately functional workplace, helping your business achieve its maximum potential.

Combining your ideas and our team's experience will help develop and achieve your desired commercial space in a new build whilst ensuring government health and safety guidelines are followed. As a business, it's vital your work environment is safe for your employees but it should also be a positive place for them to spend the day, promoting productivity and focus.

Office Refurbishment

Every office should be designed to be a productive, positive and welcoming space, whether you have twenty or two thousand employees. The layout and design of a workplace can heavily impact the success and future growth of your business so working with a professional and trusted team is a must! 

We can optimise storage spaces, create collaborative zones and ensure employees have a comfortable place to focus, all whilst being budget-friendly and meeting health and safety expectations.

Shop Fitting

One of the most important things for any shop is to create an open, inviting and exciting space. This will encourage consumers to come into the store, spend a good amount of time there, leave with a purchase, return, and recommend the store to friends and family.  

All of these factors will boost your business and support growth. The design should be catered to your target audience whilst remaining within budget, whether the project is a high-end luxury store or a smaller high-street shop.

Project Management

To achieve your dream goal, you should ensure you've hired a professional and trusted project manager. The project manager will guarantee the tasks are conducted efficiently whilst ensuring an on-time and in-budget competition.  

Our Architect Project Managers are always open to feedback and will work with you to develop the project in your vision, with the smallest of details accounted for. 

Working cohesively allows you to be more in control than ever before and it can help prevent mistakes from poor working relationships. The project manager should have a clear idea of your requirements and desired designs at the beginning of the project.  

You will also receive regular reports and important updates to keep you, and other team members up to date with the progress. Open communication will provide a seamless project, with maximum productivity and efficiency to meet any deadlines, stay within budget and exceed expectations.

Dedicated Architectural Design

No matter how complex or straightforward the project you should make sure you find Architect services that are capable of completing the task to a high standard whilst ensuring all government guidelines, building regulations and planning applications are met.

Here at Trimble Architects, we work for you! Our London based team consists of RIBA registered architects with over 30 years of architectural experience, project management knowledge and consultancy service skills.  

Our key focus is turning your dreams into reality and creating your perfect space, within any given budget whether commercial or home-based. Our team are passionate about every project ensuring each task is completed to the highest standard of architectural design.

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