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Are you looking for commercial property development services in London? Our RIBA local architect services works throughout Hounslow, Twickenham, Richmond, Kingston Upon Thames, Teddington And Throughout London.

Commercial Property Development Services London

The total amount of experience in years that Trimble Architects has is spent providing various architectural work to clients across the UK. We can provide property development, extension, refurbishment, and many more architectural services and projects.

But why should you invest in a commercial property? And what are the strategies to do so? We will cover these queries and more on the following page, so please feel welcome to access our industry knowledge and expertise for free.

Commercial Property Development and Extensions

If you're looking for a property that provides the most rewarding build-up of wealth and steady income streams, it's a commercial property. 

Many commercial properties have alterations that can offer you financial security in your future, such as extensions and double storeys.

There are a few points to consider when looking into commercial properties to invest in. First, ensure you procure the right property for you. Trimble Architects can help you source and secure genuine properties and land.

What we will do in this case, is check that you have the right financial mindset before taking on any purchases or processes.

Commercial Property Development Services London

For example, do you face problems thinking: "I can't do anything about this problem", or do you think, "How can I work this out and move forward?". If your headspace thinks with the latter, you are starting on the right foot. Secondly, you will need to gain planning permission. Luckily for our customers, we are experts in planning legislation and policies, which means we have experience in planning permissions and how they work.

We also have years of experience dealing with construction; well, it is not very surprising since the word 'architects' is part of our company name, but it does mean that we know of many hard-working contractors that have worked with us through thick and thin before. Our in-house contractors share the same values as we at Trimble Architects have, such as clear communication, work efficiency, professionalism, friendliness, and cost-effective prices.

You should consider creating a brand identity to maximise your financial gain. Having a brand identity is the best first step to take when looking to sell a service or product.  Last but not least, we advise that you always strive to make the most profit you can because your construction budget will divide into a 3:2 ratio for external builds to internal fit-outs. Building frames and structures always cost the most in construction.

What Trimble Architects can do for you at this stage is connect you with our network of supplier, brand, and appliance manufacturer contacts to lower your fitout fees.

Commercial Development and Refurbishment Services

Affordable Housing Development and Regeneration

We can help you take a commercial approach to house development, regeneration, and refurbishment while focussing on the community's needs. We can guide you through property valuations, asset reviews, and design and development appraisals.

Additionally, if you require our help with modelling, viability, development management, S106 transactions, construction, and partner procurement. Using our years of experience working in the UK, we can guide your decision to purchase or dispose of construction or development plans.

We want all our clients to comprehensively understand the property market based on recent research and diverse experiences.

Our experience also comes with making strong relationships and contacts, which means that our customers can access our network of potential buyers and users from many different housing sectors, such as commercial, domestic, affordable housing, student accommodation, and specialist healthcare.

Architectural Design

You are in control of how much of our role you utilise. For example, we can deliver an entire turnkey service by providing designers, lead consultants, and a project management team. Or, if you prefer, we can present you with preliminary concept designs and advice on budgeting.

We frequently advise our clients on various designs, such as pre-purchase, scheme, computer imaging, conceptual and technical, working, sustainable, and urban design.

We offer additional services: building regulations; conservation and heritage project work; condition surveys; defect diagnosis & repair; feasibility studies; master planning; new builds; planning and listed building submissions; project monitoring; public consultation events; refurbishments; space planning; and sustainable energy.

The scope of our experience ranges from listed buildings like churches to cottages and similarly designed traditional architecture. No matter the architectural design, we can ask our RIBA architects and CIAT technologists to provide their industry-leading expertise on styles and planning requirements. 

When it comes to developing land, you will need an adviser to help guide you through entitlements, procedures, and options. Trimble Architects has contacts with consultants who can provide their expertise in buying and selling land for development, transactional support, consultancy, and market appraisals.

Mixed-use and commercial development schemes provide an opportunity to maximise value, carry out a comprehensive development plan, and join a growing trend before all opportunities are taken. We are very fortunate to be in touch with industry-leading and specialist advisers who can help work together with our clients and provide solutions that work with the clients' requirements.

You will be contributing to the development of the town or city's education and diversity, whether you repurpose retail parks, shopping centres, or leisure buildings. Our specialists can provide upfront strategic consultancy, analysis of options, development feasibility advice, and guidance on model cash flow, test scenarios, and management of professional design experts.

It is important to us at Trimble Architects that clients understand all implications of developments and their costs and that our clients pay the proper amount of CIL. Due to the Home Builders Federation's national mandate to provide consultancy advice concerning CIL, we enforce guidance to all our clients.

As well as planning consultancy, we provide liability estimates, representations, appeal handling, development viability advice, CIL preparation, and the implementation of S106 agreements. Please see the below sections for more information about Section 106/ S106.

We encourage you to consider hiring our services because our team across Southwest London use their combined years of experience working on commercial and residential properties to help our clients achieve all their goals with problem-solving advice, precise information, and tried and tested solutions.

Drawing upon our expert knowledge and industry-leading research, Trimble Architects serves all property sectors and the interests of property companies, landowners, and house builders.

We can identify a site's value and selling features, review the different development options, plan development strategies, optimise marketability, and guide our clients through design, pricing, marketing, and exit strategy options. 

Before any development projects start, a valuation must take place. Trimble Architects provide these broad valuations to determine the financial viability of a project. Anyone involved in a development project can be involved in our development valuation capabilities. Valuations are a crucial step to ensure the quality of a project, including the development's loan security, litigation, option agreements, options appraisals, accounts, and tax.

Developments need to have the capability of successfully working so that the money put into planning, permissions, and hiring architects, builders, and advisors is not wasteful. Our work for development viability involves protecting the scheme's value to remove any risks and prepare exit routes should they become necessary. 

 We offer our affordable housing consultancy, agency, development viability advice, guidance on Section 106 agreements, and valuation services. Section 106 is a legal agreement between the local planning authorities and an applicant attempting to obtain planning permission.

We have years of experience in the dynamic education sector, its projects, and complex programmes. We can advise, implement relocations, and offer solutions for educational institutions. Engaging with stakeholders and investors, Trimble Architects can deliver mechanisms and funding to enable institutions to be developed. 

Our professional team can implement estate strategies, development consultancy and management, asset reviews, feasibility studies, master planning, viability appraisals and advice, funding advice, agreements, delivery structures, and land acquisitions and disposals.

Employment land refers to any industrial employment occurring in the facilities on said land. We help property companies and landowners develop and promote land for a business park, industrial, or distribution use.

Furthermore, we offer strategic consultancy and agency advice concerning employment land and obtaining said land, such as development partner procurement, detailed market assessments, financial modelling, master planning, strategic land assembly, and viability.

If you are an energy development client wanting to develop their portfolios, we are here to support you. Similarly, if you want to host an energy project, be it a wind farm, battery storage site, solar park, or gas plant, we can guide you by identifying and developing suitable land/ property.

Our energy development service is also available to private landowners and institutions.

We can provide you with an integrated service that establishes site acquisition strategies and networks so that you can have access to both existing and new energy development markets.

Our services for mergers and acquisitions include due diligence reviews, property asset assessments, business planning, financial modelling, client support, transactional support, opportunity marketing, and structured project management.

We care about our clients concluding their tasks, meeting their objectives, and having a smooth merger or acquisition.

Trimble Architects can advise investors, companies, and landowners on development potential, enhancing value, and extracting said value. Our consultancy services include development management, agency planning, business planning, valuation, transaction input, planning, financial modelling, and the structuring of joint ventures.

We advise our public sector clients on development strategies and planning structures. Our expert team can support clients by delivering long-term objectives, such as partnership, disposal, and occupational goals by following the appropriate practices and policies.

We understand that developing rural land can be overwhelming and complex. We will identify the most appropriate strategy for you and manage its delivery to ensure you receive the best return on investments and assets.

Our strategies implement land assembly, market research, valuation, viability assessments, development management coordination, financial management, marketing, disposal strategies, and final negotiations.

We can consult our clients when it comes to selling new builds. Our consultancy involves various services, such as market analysis, place positioning, vision, brand, identity, scheme context, pricing, design, delivery input, profitable delivery, guidance with compliance and accreditation procedures, branding, marketing, sales, and sustainability.

We can work with planners, housebuilders, promoters, and landowners to identify and assess strategic opportunities.

From then on, we can advise clients on land sales, acquisitions, land assembly, negotiating options, hybrid agreements, joint venture agreements, structuring collaborative agreements, viability, and promotion.

Our team at Trimble Architects can help with the acquisition, design, planning, management, and construction of telecom sites.

When it comes to estate management, troubleshooting, compensation claims, due diligence, site surveys, accounting, ratings, appeals, reviews, and developments, you can count on us.

Our professional team can offer seamless services such as workplace strategies and designs, development advice, expert interior design, business strategies, refurbishments, relocations, and long-term real estate solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Property Development

Types of Commercial Properties?

You will find that there are five different types of commercial properties you could invest in.

These five types involve apartment complexes, industrial buildings, offices, retail spaces, and warehouses.

Why Invest in Commercial Properties?

There are further advantages in investing in commercial properties than domestic properties, including increased financial rewards.

Furthermore, there are few investors in commercial properties than domestic properties, meaning that this is the prime opportunity for you to obtain properties that accurately fit your needs and requirements.

Who needs Commercial Architecture Services?

If you want to ensure that your investment in commercial properties is a success, procure the right land or property, have a financial mindset, manage construction and building sites, or have a strong interior design team, we can utilise our years of experience to help, aid, and guide.

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