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What are Disabled Alterations?

For home accessibility, we offer architects for disabled adaptations. Whether it's for a new build home or a commercial building, we use our professional knowledge and experience to ensure we can make adaptions to cater for all your needs. From fitting stairlifts to lowering surfaces, we can help and advise you.

The alterations could also include widening spaces to improve access, adding ramps to doorways, or completely revamping bathrooms. We want to make sure the facilities within your business or at home are accessible and easy for people with disabilities to use. 

How can we help?

Here at Trimble Architects, based in Twickenham in south-west London, we work hard to give our client's the best possible outcome. All the services we offer are available for both commercial and residential clients. We will look at the existing architecture, with a complete home assessment, to ensure your plans for the adaptions will work.

We will also find the best way to guarantee our client's get the best out of the adaptions. Before the plans are carried out, we seek the approval of our client, their occupational therapist and also solicitors to guarantee the adaptions will fulfil their needs.

We also work closely with the Local Authorities and Disabled Facilities Grants to ensure we can improve your home or commercial building. This process is also included in our project management service.  The services we offer can either be used separately or as a whole, with our project management service, where we handle planning permission, risk assessments, party wall agreements, supervision at the construction site, create schedules and look over plans. Our main aim is to take the stress away from our client's projects and ensure they run as smoothly and successfully as possible.

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