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Flat Conversions London

Converting your existing property into multiple flats can be a daunting task, especially with all the involvement of building regulations and planning permission considerations that you require to begin the process. 

However, when you can find the right professionals to help you tackle these jobs, to achieve double or triple your rental income in a relatively stress-free fashion.

Our increasingly popular London-based professionals have a wealth of experience and knowledge on flat and loft conversions. 

They can successfully guide you under the red tape and through the whole process to maximise your investment return to make the most out of the existing space you have on your hands. 

The conversion architects on board can develop technical drawings based on the suitability of the minimum space requirements set by the government and local authorities in the building regulations. It's our job to liaise with the councils and planning consultants throughout the London borough on your behalf to ensure you only rent out rental units that comply with the building control guidelines.

Residential and Commercial Flat Conversion Architects London

Whether you require expert advice, site surveys, initial support, draft designs or relevant planning permission from planning officers, the team at Trimble Architects Ltd aims to provide excellent guidance throughout the entirety of your residential or commercial flat conversion process. 

We have a highly talented team of architects to offer stunning bespoke drawings and architectural designs that suit your specific aesthetic taste and practical requirements. 

We'll ensure that no matter whereabouts your self-contained flats are located, your changes will adequately match the surrounding architecture and conform perfectly with any local planning requirements. The professional consultants and project managers have remarkable knowledge of your specific area's current building regulations and planning policies throughout London and the immediate surrounding Counties.

What is a Flat Conversion?


Trimble Architects Ltd provides extensive services to help clients and property owners across South and Greater London with their flat conversion ideas, extensions and numerous bespoke construction solutions. 

A flat conversion is an aspect of the building industry that allows the current property owners to split their current large home into various smaller units. Whilst the conversion process can become incredibly profitable for any property owner, it is a complex part of single property development and exceptionally challenging to navigate.

Along the way, you'll have to undergo the planning permission process and design through to the completion of construction. 

You may even struggle with legal challenges depending on whether or not your plans receive approval. As this is the case, we highly recommend reaching out to a trusted and more experienced flat conversion company for professional results and to ensure compliance. Contact us today at Trimble Architects Ltd for a free quote and a qualified professional opinion.

Why Choose A Flat Conversion?

Flat conversions can create an efficient and inhabitable long-term value investment for many properties and property owners. You'll curate plenty more revenue by converting a specific building into numerous smaller properties of good value that will eventually be sold or rented by tenants. 

Using the talents and skills of our experienced architecture team, we'll help you form a sleek flat conversion, ticking all your boxes and those of the building controls.

We encourage you to choose flat conversion over time; they are becoming a prevalent house extension throughout different areas of London. 

There is an extensive demand for flats throughout critical cities across the UK, especially in London. Those searching to split their existing property into several units will help you massively maximise rental income and profit for both the long-term and short-term.

Upon deciding to opt for flat conversion, you'll want to immediately contact your local council as for a job as complex as this, you'll likely require planning permission. 

Once you've received such permission, you can proceed to apply for the vital building regulations surrounding your area that you need before beginning construction. 

During the wait for an inspection of your drawings, our Trimble team can closely work with you to curate designs that you love to attract tenants of your target audience. For example, flats for student accommodation will look slightly different and perhaps more basic than flats for a slightly older market.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flat Conversion

The cost to convert a household into sufficient flats will usually depend on the property you're dealing with. The factors that will ultimately influence the overall cost of your flat conversion project include:

The size of your property

The new house design

The condition of the house

The number of flats you desire in a block

Standard flat conversions costs around at least £25,000, as this process often involves installing bathrooms, central heating systems and walls. Suppose you begin budgeting for your flat conversion; you will be required to consider various aspects. 

For example, the finance needed for development, local planning authority approval, installation of new utility meters, new kitchens and bathrooms, brand-new installations for heating systems and boilers, second entrances and any sound deadening or tests.

If your current building is sound and the existing kitchen and bathroom are usable, you can expect the conversion costs to be within the price range of £150,00 - £250,00. 

You can also add the decoration of your flats to the cost if this is something you wish to tackle immediately. The scale of each conversion project can wildly vary, but it should usually take no longer than 6 months to finish.

Suppose you must separate your home into multiple units; you are obliged to obtain planning permission before starting any of the construction. Contact us at Trimble today, and we can help you with your planning applications. Look at your property's floor plan/original building plan; if it states that it's a listed building, you will require a specific listed building consent before allowing builders to start.

Another occasion wherein you will need planning permission is in the act of demolition for any form of a conservation area; you must apply for planning permission as the area may have some environmental or historical significance. When you get your property converted, it's paramount that you seek approval, not only before but also after it is completely converted. 

Doing so will allow experts to inspect your new build or conversion against the existing building regulations and standards with a feasibility study. 

The Housing Act 2004 states that any sub-divided buildings must strictly meet the set high standards; otherwise, you may be asked to destroy your progress. Any houses with multiple occupations, with more than three tenants, must be thoroughly licensed and managed.

Once your building plans have been completed, detailed and accurately labelled, we recommend contacting the necessary architects, engineers and the fire service to address the fire escape concerns.

For those obtaining Permitted Development, you can successfully convert your current office buildings into flats, especially those that intend to change between B1-C3. 

However, before we begin converting these offices into flats, you'll have to apply for Prior Approval, where panels will assess your project plans against the building regulations and relevant policies. Suppose the local councils and authorities on planning permission panels approve of your plans against the criteria. In that case, you can successfully convert the property to suit your action plan. 

At Trimble Architects Ltd, our professionals have extensive knowledge of all things to do with planning permission and the policies you must comply with depending on the new build you are going for. 

To make the most of any property conversion, contact the London borough councils, and they'll provide you with the necessary advice that you require to receive the end result you're looking for.

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