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Are you looking for kitchen extensions architects in London? Our RIBA local architect services works throughout Hounslow, Twickenham, Richmond, Kingston Upon Thames, Teddington And Throughout London.

London Kitchen Extension Services

Single-storey kitchen extensions throughout South-West London properties are an excellent way to create vibrant, functional new living spaces that complement your interior designs and the overall theme of your entire household, allowing all other rooms to flow. 

Every UK adult spends at least one hour of their day in the kitchen, and throughout numerous parts of the world, the kitchen is considered the heart of a home.

Therefore, the aesthetic of your kitchen is vital, and thus adding extra space to it allows you to enhance the appearance further and make it the very best it can be. 

A kitchen extension adds plenty of value to a central London home as it allows the space to become more comfortable and practical and unlocks its full potential.

Trimble Architects Ltd specialises in several single-storey extensions throughout London, one of the most popular tends to be kitchen extensions. 

Whether you desire a more traditional or modern design or perhaps an open-plan kitchen, our qualified team of architects are some of the best in the local area. We can help you bring any extension ideas you have to life and advise you on what is most suited to the current building regulations.

We are responsible for making the whole process as collaborative as possible, acting as project managers; therefore, we'll present you with the many different types of kitchen extensions available in our range. We'll help you choose which would suit your home best to create the best extension designs and maximise your home in an ideal way.

Our London-specialising professionals will be by your side throughout the development of the initial designs, 3D visualisations, and planning permission (if necessary). 

All through construction to the end result, to ensure all your requirements and needs are met by ourselves and the home extension builders from a trusted construction company. Get in touch today, and we'll do our very best to bring high-quality services your way. 

Ideas for Kitchen Extensions

Suppose you're thinking about extending the length, width or depth of your home to curate a kitchen or dining room extension for all the family to admire and enjoy.

Yet perhaps you're struggling with ideas of how to style it to ensure it flows with the rest of your home, or maybe you have questions about the overall cost of the kitchen extension in a city like London.

In that case, we recommend contacting our professional architects at Trimble Architects Ltd, to learn about the work completed and the many services we can provide for clients across various boroughs of London, whilst gaining a free quote for your extension.

The staff onboard are thoroughly trained and qualified architects. We'll always start each extension project by scheduling a free site survey and initial free consultation to discuss all your requirements and planning ideas.

Over the years, our planning consultants and designers have worked with a wide range of property types and several house extensions of various scales, so you can rest assured that you're in the safest hands with our collaborative team. 

Kitchen Extensions Architects London

No matter what, we'll do our best to find innovative solutions and the best possible options to maximise your existing space within your budget to a high standard. Additionally, those contemplating whether they should add their kitchen extension space with rear house extensions, orangery or side return extensions may be able to get by with your permitted development rights. 

Therefore, you won't have to go through the hassle of curating a solid planning application and get it frequently checked by local architects and planning consultants to assess whether it complies with the building standards. For those unsure whether or not their property's project can utilise permitted development, give our teams involved a call at Trimble Architects Ltd or contact your local authority or planning council. 

How Much do London Kitchen Extensions Cost?

For many homeowners, the kitchen is an essential feature of any home, becoming the central hub where plenty of the cooking, tea-brewing and chatting goes on in the average UK household! 

Across London, some of the most popular home improvements among all properties tend to be the kitchen extension. The more affordable option will always be a smaller kitchen extension for those that still wish to maximise their current space on the ground floor but are on a specific budget that they must keep to.

However, the bigger the kitchen extension, the more it will transform your house. On average, kitchen extensions in the UK typically cost £30,000; however, London extensions can cost around £50,000, as capital cities will always be more expensive, especially for properties in the centre. It's best to remember that the prices of kitchen extensions will always vary, as the final cost will include the price of flooring, finishes, the tradespeople you take on and the kitchen type you choose.

A more standard kitchen extension is much cheaper, costing as little as around £12,000, yet a bespoke, more high-quality one can reach prices of £100,000. However, there are many other factors to consider when selecting London kitchen extensions, with each part impacting the overall cost and what you can expect to pay. The main factors include location, size, materials and other external costs, like various teams of professionals. 


Do I Need Planning Permission for Kitchen Extensions?

Numerous factors will assess whether or not you require planning permission to complete a brand-new kitchen extension for your home or property.

Some building works require planning permission other do not, and some can be grey areas, for example, loft conversions and household extensions. If your ideas include an extension covering approximately half of your property's land, you will need planning permission.

Another factor is if your desired extension ultimately increases the overall height of your building by more than 4 metres if the rear extends more than 6-8 metres from an attached or detached home.

If you wish to include verandas or balconies, these also require planning permission, especially if you intend to incorporate materials that are unlike those included in the original dwelling.

For those that desire further advice or information on the rules of planning permission and need help with planning, designing or constructing a brand-new kitchen extension that complies with all the local regulations, you can call us today for project management and architectural services.

Our London kitchen extension company of professional architects will be on the end of the line to provide free quotes and book appointments to discuss our services and all that our business can offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Kitchen Extensions

Whilst it can be fun and exciting to design your dream single-storey extension for a larger kitchen space, it can also be incredibly challenging to generate a budget and cost estimate that is accurate and suitable. 

The current cost of your desired extension will typically depend on various aspects of your brief and the specific style you're looking for. However, the general costs of single-storey rear extensions can be summed up by the following:

The UK square metre average: £1,200

The London square metre average: £1,600

These are rough estimates of the general costs for an extension of average quality; however, more high-end projects in London can even reach costs of around £2,300 square metres. 

Generally, the usage of your extensions will typically impact the overall prices, so it's best to have quite a solid idea of how you wish to utilise your brand-new space in your household or property.

How much you intend to spend on your new bathroom or kitchen will be significant when you begin planning your project, as every new build is unique. 

Regarding budgeting, kitchens and bathrooms are far more complex to budget, as there are so many aspects such as the fittings like kitchen islands, appliances and plumbing to consider. Your London kitchen extension will possibly begin at around £10,000 for a much cheaper kitchen design.

However, the final price will typically depend on the quality of the chosen appliances and materials. A bathroom extension will often add approximately £5,000 to the overall cost, yet it's primarily dependent on the type of finishes you wish to opt for. 

For those living in semi-detached or terraced houses in 2022, you'll be happy to know that the UK's Local Planning Authorities have gradually begun to relax the rules for certain aspects of single-storey extensions, and they now allow these extensions to expand as far as 6 metres. 

On the other hand, those living in detached houses can extend their single-storey rear property to approximately 8 metres in depth.

However, you must remember that if you have a maisonette, flat or property in a conservation area, you will highly likely need full planning permission from your local council or authority. 

Side extensions on your house are considered under permitted development as long as they don't extend further than half the width of your existing home. Ensuring your single-storey extension doesn't extend further than your front elevation, you can successfully extend it at least 3 metres. 

Plenty of research has been carried out by Nationwide that displays how various home extensions and improvements can add substantial value to your property. 

For many potential buyers, an additional space that provides more natural light and space for friends and a growing family to enjoy is an appealing feature that will entice them to buy the home.

The study showed that adding a double bedroom extension, utility room and an en-suite to your house can dramatically increase its sales and value by approximately 23%. To boost at least 13% of your property, you should consider adding some square footage with a single-storey rear extension or a kitchen extension. 

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