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Do you require planning permission advice in Twickenham or south London? Contact our RICS consultant today. If you are thinking of making changes to your property, whether it's residential or commercial, you will require planning permission.

What is planning permission?

If you are thinking of making changes to your property, whether it's residential or commercial, you will require planning permission. If you are granted planning permission, you will be able to complete the project that you proposed on the planning application to the Council Planning Department.

If your property is classed as a Listed Building or a Conservation Area, then often negotiation techniques are required for the planning permission, usually through the Conservation Officer in the Council Planning Department. The local Council Planning Department, Richmond Upon Thames Council, will look at all the details and consider how the project will affect different factors, and make their decision. If it is declined, you can appeal, but this could take a really long time. 

why do you need planning permission

If your project is small, such as small rear or side house extensions, then planning permission isn't needed. However, if your aim is the change of use of a building, you are going to be making changes to a listed building or a conservation area, then you do need planning permission from the Richmond Upon Thames Council Planning Department.

The purpose of planning permission is not only to protect the environment and buildings used for the public, but it is also important for other people and their rights. Building onto another person's property can cause disputes and may lead to legal action being taken against you. Furthermore, this could lead to an expensive solicitor's bill and a lengthy court process.

factors involved

For planning permission, a lot of factors must be taken into consideration. These factors are usually regarding the environment, building regulations, road works, public, or boundary disputes with neighbours. 

Some factors that are considered are:

Architectural Design

If the design of the building doesn't fit in with the characteristics of the other surrounding properties, then the planning permission may be denied due to the building looking like it shouldn't belong there.

Listed Buildings Conservation Area

A listed building usually has a meaningful purpose, for example, a historic structure. To change the use of one of these buildings may cause discrepancy, so planning permission may be harder to receive. A conservation area is an area important to the environment, so is also difficult when it comes to construction projects. 

Covenants Right to Light

Covenants are stipulations that are stated by a landowner, and if they imply no building is allowed on that piece of land, then you won't be able to go through with the project. If another property has a Right to Light, your building must not block their sunlight, so can't be built too high.

how can i help

We understand planning permission can cause stress, especially having to take all these factors into consideration, which is why we take care of the whole process for our client's. Our chartered architects are members of RIBA (Royal Institue of British Architects) and are qualified to give you guidance and support throughout the entire process. We aim to take the stress away from gaining planning permission and ensure your project achieves the best outcome possible. 

Our practice, based in Twickenham, can help you with the planning advice, planning application, the planning appeal and can liaise with Richmond Upon Thames Council Planning Department, using our knowledge of the building regulations.

Are you looking for planning permission advice in the Twickenham area? If you would like to find out more information about the services we offer, please visit our website, or contact us for a free consultation.  We can also provide 3D outline architectural drawings of our client's plans to help them visualise the project and see what they can do with the space.

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