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Are you looking for construction project management consultancy in Twickenham? Our RIBA registered architect offers a project management service to help you manage your construction project.

Our Project Management Services

If you are on the market looking for full building project management and consultancy services in south London, we can help. Trimble Architects is a construction project management consultancy based business in Twickenham and across southwest London. 

Our RIBA specialist has over 30 years of experience in the architectural industry, project management and consultancy services. Our team of architects and project managers can handle many construction projects, whether it's for a commercial project and you're expanding your business property or residential building, to improve your home. 

We provide a wide range of expert and effective services for various projects here at Trimble Architects. We take pride in delivering our project management skills, construction management skills, management consultancy skills, design skills, and architectural skills to our clients and their property. 

Our company works with extensions on existing properties, but we are also trained in working with construction jobs for new build homes and construction management. The job may involve structural surveys, access audits and construction risk management, which we have the knowledge and expertise to complete for each of our projects.

If you would like to see our complete service list, please search and visit our website or contact us via phone or email. Any of our team of RIBA chartered architects will be happy to help and advise you with your questions or queries.

What is Project Management?

Project Management is the organisation and supervision of projects to ensure they are executed most efficiently and productively. To do this, we liaise with our clients to find out their budgets, property requirements and time scales of the project and ensure they agree with everything.

Based in Twickenham in southwest London, our company is RIBA registered, and the professional service we offer is due to our 30 years experience. We will plan and create schedules to keep within the price limit and projects deadline and can change anything that may cause problems throughout the process. The aim is to take the stress away from our clients and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. 

Why Would I Need a Project Manager?

For large projects, project management can make the job so much easier. Hiring a project manager will ensure your projects run more smoothly. The deadlines will also become more achievable as there will be set schedules that the workers must stick to.

The project manager will supervise the building work so you can guarantee the job is being completed correctly. Our team will solve any problems quickly and efficiently without you having to worry. Our goal is for our clients to achieve their desired results for their projects, whether it's a small conversion or a more significant extension for a business development.

Without project management, the projects could be more expensive than initially desired and could take twice as long as expected. Your project manager will also manage the risk assessments and building regulations, so they don't need to be another factor to think about for you. This will ensure the safety of the workers and future users of the building.

Trimble Architects can take your stress away, as we provide you with our expert skills, experience and knowledge in the project management industry, and we can ensure every step of the checklist is covered. We can also handle the cost once you have told us your budget and make sure your projects don't go above the limit.

Services Involved in Project Management

Trimble Architects, based in Twickenham in southwest London, will complete the first step of the project management services by surveying the existing architecture of the building. 

This includes the building's shape, characteristics, and condition, which needs to be done for all projects. We then must discuss the budget and time limit for the project and prepare some outline drawings of the plans.

After the plans are complete, the project managers need to submit the planning applications to handle the planning permission. We can also recommend local builders that we know will do the job above and beyond the expected standards. Now comes the preparation work, where we prepare detailed drawings, plan schedules and the building contracts using the building regulations.

Our team must supervise all the building work throughout the projects management process and ensure construction management is implemented. This means we must attend the construction site to ensure everything is working productively. We are here throughout the entire process until the site is ready to be used.

Preparing an initial concept design

Our consultancy team will carry out necessary site appraisals or surveys for the project briefs detailed requirements. The lead designer then coordinates the preparation of an initial concept design and presents these ideas to the client to consider. If the client has any comments, the lead designer will incorporate these into the developing concept design. The lead designer then arranges consultations with any user panels, champions, and stakeholders, including statutory authorities, and includes any design ideas. The lead designer coordinates a review of the concept design and arranges any necessary amendments. The cost consultant will amend the elemental cost plan and prepare a cash flow projection. The lead consultant can then coordinate a report.

The client will review the concept design report and complete a value management exercise. The cost consultant will amend the elemental cost plan and cash flow projection reflecting any design changes resulting from that. The lead consultant will coordinate amendments necessary to the concept design report and project brief. The client considers the developed project brief, freezes the project brief if satisfied, and instructs the lead consultant to introduce change control procedures. The frozen project brief can then be issued to user panels, champions and stakeholders.

Preparing for the construction stage

The construction manager arranges a pre-contract meeting with the consultancy team and trade contractors to discuss procedures during the construction stage. They then coordinate production information and, with the client, prepare the condition schedules for adjacent properties or structures.

The client and construction manager check all insurance policies are ready for construction work and site ownership. All necessary permissions, approvals, party wall agreements, and other statutory requirements are in place, and all the required planning conditions have been satisfied.

The trade contractors prepare detailed programmes for their work and issue them to the construction manager to incorporate into an overall project programme. The principal designer will ensure that design procedures are in place by the trade contractors. 

The construction manager will brief site inspectors regarding inspecting and reporting on-site work, including monitoring and reporting arrangements related to client policies. The construction manager and design team agree on the basic principles for grid lines and set out the site.

Construction management 

The construction manager will manage, schedule, supervise, organise and coordinate the trade contractors and preliminaries packages daily. They are the principal contractor under the CDM regulations and are responsible for overall site management, welfare provisions, site clearances, waste disposals, site security, and trade union issues.

The lead designer prepares additional information required by the trade contractors for construction. The construction manager organises the review of design information prepared by the trade contractors. They also arrange site inspections, issue instructions as needed, and assess any time extensions or loss and expense claims. 

The construction manager issues payment notices to each contractor, and the client then pays them. The construction manager performs weekly checks on trade contractor earned value and takes action if necessary. They hold regular construction progress meetings with trade contractors to discuss site progress, coordinate information release and hold regular construction progress meetings consulting with the client and consultancy team and prepare progress reports.

Post occupancy evaluation

Post occupancy evaluation determines how successful the project's delivery was and how successful the completed development is, where there is potential for further improvement. This can be valuable to repeat developers and may be a requirement of some funding bodies.

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