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Project Manager Responsibilities

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  • 08-09-2021
Project Manager Responsibilities

What are the responsibilities of a construction project manager? Are you thinking of hiring a project manager? We look at what to expect from a construction project manager.

Bob Trimble is a chartered architect registered with RIBA with 30 years experience in the industry. Trimble Architects work throughout Hounslow, Twickenham, Richmond, Kingston Upon Thames, Teddington and the surrounding areas of London.

Responsibilities of a project manager in construction


For any new public sector or private building or renovation, the construction project manager has to plan out all the work necessary to complete the tasks correctly. 

They not only plan their work tasks but also display the day's duties for the whole team. Project managers must forecast and effectively determine the tasks that builders must have completed that day to further the project's productivity.

A project manager has many a responsibility throughout any internal or external building project. These responsibilities include:

 Estimating the overall costs of each aspect of the build or renovation

 They prepare work schemes for the whole project team, e.g., whereabouts to begin, where which builders will focus on for the day, etc.

 They must develop deliverable schedules in the form of a roadmap for the whole construction team to work in sync or to a specific degree. 

 They must be following your project closely just in case builders require some supervision for specific tasks. 

 Your project manager is responsible for reviewing the project in great depth during and after its completion. In doing so, they can ensure everything went according to plan. 

In recent years, many helpful tools and handy equipment devices have been developed to make the project manager's job much more manageable. 


Hire, fire and supervise

The project manager almost acts like the boss of the construction site they have been appointed on. They have numerous responsibilities across the building project processes: hiring all right professionals and people to handle the particular tasks. 

People in every industry or any career path often believe that hiring and firing people is one of the most challenging jobs. Supervising is another difficult aspect of the job that is the cherry on top; it can become increasingly difficult to pay attention to all the details and search for errors. 

As the project manager, they must do all the directing and coordinating to get the construction workers ready for their building day. 

 What Are The Responsibilities Of A Construction Project Manager?
What Is a Construction Project Manager?

Set goals

Your project manager must never forget to set goals for themselves and their team. Setting goals is an essential responsibility that many project managers can often skip. 

The manager you hire must ensure they set specific goals that you, the client, must sign to approve and do everything to meet those goals. The PM is also responsible for reviewing all contractual conditions regarding the overall performance, the precision of the current working scheme, and handling all the client's requirements or deliverables. 

The goals set allow the PM to establish the number of workers and the supplies required to complete the job. 

There tends to be a much higher success rate delivery among those project managers that create and set goals at the beginning of a project. 

Deliver on time

Many project managers are known for consistently being on time and delivering construction projects to the most outstanding construction industry standards on time or perhaps even before deadlines. 

The project manager's job or any job on a construction site comes with specific objectives and constraints. Your project manager must appease these factors and uphold these strict conditions. Time management is crucial, especially if your planning permission authorities presented you with a particular deadline or timeframe. You may be at risk of penalties if you do not meet these guidelines or if you experience multiple delays. 

Stay on budget

The money must be kept in mind at all times, especially by the project manager you have hired. Over time, the relevant software has been developed to ensure the job is done at a much faster pace and is more efficient. 

The project manager must ensure that no one on the building crew goes over the budget limits during developments and all estimations are as close and precise as possible. 

Stay On Budget: Responsibilities Of A Construction Project Manager
Keep The Client In The Loop: Responsibilities Of A Construction Project Manager

Keep the client and your boss in the loop.

Many project managers forget that they must consistently update their clients or the boss of the company they are working for on the progress of the construction site. 

You must ensure that the project manager always contacts you when you are not on-site to assist them in overseeing. There are sometimes circumstances where PM's will want to hide any issues from you that are not going to plan, and this can result in failure. 

The dispute manager

The role of project managers intertwines slightly with that of the dispute manager. Their job is to ensure that everything is under control and going as planned. 

Construction project managers also have the training and communication skills to resolve potential disputes between builders and construction workers, subcontractors, designers, clients or planners within the project management team. 

Unresolved disputes on the construction site could eventually lead to the failure of a project. The key is striving to nip any disagreements you see occurring in the bud. Create straightforward preventative methods and courses so that you may resolve conflict fast and stay on target. 

Draft contracts

The work that requires finishing must be written out clearly into a draft contract. 

The draft contract is one particular document between the builder and the owner, and it is the most common contract that all PM's will be most familiar with during each building process. 

However, this isn't the only contract that your construction project management teams must handle during the construction and engineering process. They will have a series of agreements with:

Draft Contracts: Responsibilities Of A Construction Project Manager

Subcontractors, such as carpenters, engineers, heating and cooling professionals and electricians

Material suppliers

Third parties

The Architects or design teams

Manage Risks: Responsibilities Of A Construction Project Manager

Manage risks

Managing risks is a skill that each successful project manager in the field must-have. It is a difficult task, and many will have to create thorough risk assessments that comply with health and safety laws and regulations. 

Software now allows for risk assessments to be designed more effectively and efficiently. 

Making your builders and clients aware of all the on-site risks is crucial and so important in coming to mutual agreements on how to prevent these situations. 

What Is a Construction Project Manager?

All projects must have managers, especially during construction work when there are so many things happening at once and risks all around the area. Ensuring that all project structures such as office buildings, hospitals, bridges, and households are built safely, effectively, and productively is a huge task and takes plenty of skills. 

It is essential to select a construction industry professional for the job, even if you feel up to the job yourself as the client or architect. Each project manager possesses plenty of experience in the field and a great deal of industry knowledge to thoroughly prepare tasks and complete all jobs on track. 

The construction project manager oversees the project from start to finish, from the pre-design phase to gathering, paying for the materials and resources to the actual construction and finally, its completion. 

According to the CMAA (Construction Association of America) and the BBA (British Board of Agreement), the project managers are responsible for collaborating closely with the clients and architects to oversee all the projects stakeholders, including the owners, trade and general contractors and subcontractors. 

They lead all workers and contractors through a series of tasks and schedules to bring your building project to fruition. 

Should I Hire a Project Manager?

Objectively, you can employ anybody to be the project manager for your self build or new build, for example, a builder or construction professional, your architect or a freelance Project Manager. 

The ability of your professional PM to keep entirely on top of the building project finances is where you will primarily value your choice to hire them. They have been trained for many years to deeply understand what is required to bring the scheme together correctly so that everyone may budget accordingly. 

With the help of a professional, qualified project manager, fundamentally, much less could go wrong in the process, as they take charge by planning everything down efficiently and in a highly detailed manner. Nothing will go unnoticed or uncounted for. 

Should I Hire A Project Manager?

The work experience and several years in the industry allow them to be well-versed in dealing with all builders, contractors and traders, and excellent at communication. They are skilled at noticing issues early on in the process or things that haven't been done correctly or adequately before they hinder significant matters. 

You can appoint anybody on your current project to be a project manager for your first-time build; however, you don't want to dismiss the idea of hiring a qualified professional altogether. There are so many benefits to consider that could outweigh the expenses you may expect to pay along the way. 

Appointing one of your projects team members or perhaps even yourself will give you a wild host of responsibilities and so much extra work to do. Getting these responsibilities wrong or payments and prices muddled could cost you a lot of money, which you want to avoid altogether. 

Are you planning to hire a construction project manager in Twickenham or the surrounding areas of London? Follow the link below to find out more about project management consultancy in London.

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