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Are you looking for a property conversions architect in London? Our Twickenham based RIBA chartered architect offers a complete service for planning and converting your residential or commercial properties. Contact us today for property conversions in Hounslow, Twickenham, Richmond, Kingston Upon Thames, Teddington and South London.

We specialise in improving and adding value to customers' properties and assist our clients at every stage of projects, from design to completion.

While our team are more akin to larger complexes, we also have a knack for smaller projects. 

There are no architectural designs too big or small for us. We provide the following services to residential and commercial clients: access audits, architectural design, conversions, design planning, extensions, new build homes, party wall agreements, plan drawings, planning applications, planning permission consultancy, project management, refurbishments, structural surveys, and work with interior designers.

Property Conversions Services in London

Our projects at Trimble Architects always range in scale and complexity, from providing advice for planning permission to finding new and innovative architectural ideas.

Our team can boost the square footage of your home without needing full-on construction. You can make room for more activities and cosy spots by utilising the space that you have. You are also avoiding a big construction job by converting and not extending.

Loft Conversions

If you need to meet the spatial demand of your growing family or want to upsize, stand out from the crowd, and increase your property's value and functionality, a loft conversion can be the best investment. If you want to be particularly creative with the available space, you could plan your new loft to be a professional office or cosy bedroom space.

While space can be a luxury, especially in places we work, such as London, a loft conversion can help you get the most out of your property. You can make room for more activities and cosy spots by utilising the space that you have.

Before rushing into any conversions just yet, you must consider a few factors to assess your loft's suitability for the functions you want it to have. Make sure you know what the available head height is in the attic, the structure and pitch of your roof, and the position of any water tanks and chimney stacks you have on your property.

We recommend that the head height in your loft be at least 2.2 metres. However, there are solutions to lofts of lower height. While modern roof structures follow a W-shape, rafters will need to be replaced with A-shaped structures to create a hollow enough space that conversions require.

Loft conversions don't require planning permission, but rules of permitted development. Permitted development rules state that your loft conversion must not add over 40 cubic metres of volume to a terraced house or add over 50 cubic metres of volume to semi-detached or detached homes. Your loft also cannot exceed the existing height of your roof, extend beyond existing roof slopes, or have a veranda or balcony. You will need planning permission if you want to exceed any of the rules of permitted development.

Our reputable team at Trimble Architects can transform your house on a budget and will also provide advice when it comes to getting planning permission and help you throughout your application. Lofts with 100% available space that can be converted prove to be the cheapest loft conversions we do because there are fewer structural interventions needed.

Garage Conversions

Before deciding to pursue a garage conversion, you should weigh up the need for an additional space against the need for your garage. For example, if you do not use your garage to store your car, then you can convert it into a room that proves more useful.

Garage conversions are another way to add an extra en-suite bedroom space, gym, or children's playroom. You may have to have a clear out of everything currently in the said garage, so consider where you might put things. 

A newly converted garage means that you have more internal space and additional square footage, which increases your home's value and makes it future proof for the next generation of your family.

We strive to offer cost-effective garage conversion services that add space to your home. Depending on the finish and space you want to create will dictate how much your conversion costs. Get in touch with us for a quote on your garage conversion today.

Flat Conversions

London flat conversions are growing in popularity and continue to grow as living spaces remain costly and scarce. Landlords and investors accommodate multiple households by purchasing single-unit properties and converting them into flats. Many property owners also revert a flat into its original design as a large household to accommodate a large family.

If you are considering having your flat converted, concern yourself with the following factors before pursuing this project: financial feasibility, floor plans, planning permissions, size, and style of the conversion. Trimble Architects ensure that your desired outcome is achieved by working closely with the interior design team. We will accomplish every detail of your designs and plans by providing highly recommended builders and designers. 

Barn Conversions

Barns can be transformed into stunning rural homes. Whether you already own a barn and want to convert it, or if you want to buy and renovate one to live in, barn conversions are unique, hold their value well, and have great investment potential.

Like the other property conversions, barn conversions have a lot of financial considerations before taking on the project. Before committing to conversion work, it is important to know that an existing barn is not classed as a habitable building and will require more monetary consideration.

We recommend developing a bridging loan or self-build mortgage. However, you should know that bridging loans come with higher interest rates, and self-build mortgages are limited in number.

Basement Conversions

Compared to other property conversions, basement conversions are the rarest in the UK. Period buildings commonly feature a basement, especially in the London area.

You need to consider the access to the basement, the height of the basement, the window and natural light requirements, flood protection, and waterproofing. Many of these factors drive up the cost and complications of a basement conversion job.

Waterproofing proves to be the most expensive expenditure in a basement conversion job. The various options for waterproofing a basement include a tanking slurry that seals walls and floors and a plastic Cavity Drainage Membrane (CDM) and pump.

The overall cost of converting a basement depends on how the space will be used. A kitchen or bathroom in the basement will cost more, for example, because of the additional services to install mains, appliances, and coolers.

What is a Converted Property?

A conversion is legally known as the act of those currently entrusted with property or funds to use them for purposes other than those originally intended by those previously entrusted with the said property.

A converted property is, thus, a building that has had changes in its functions. For example, a converted barn that was originally used to store cattle and farming equipment could now be used as a hireable venue or large home.

Flat Conversion Design Services

Our team at Trimble Architects will work with you to create a design that you will love and that will attract a target market for you to sell to. We are here to help you every step of the way, whether you already have a design in mind or want help and inspiration to bring your vision to life.

Why choose a flat conversion

You may choose to convert a flat to boost your income and improve the value of the said property. Converting a flat also allows you to adapt your property to be specifically suitable for students, couples, and small families. Flat conversions are a cheaper, safer, and quicker investment choice when compared to new builds and extensions.

If you have a multiple storey property and are looking to sell, we highly advise that you research flat conversions. Subdividing your property into multiple flats will tremendously increase your profits, maximise your return on investment, and avoid financial risks. There are countless possibilities when it comes to the conversion of multiple units, such as themed levels.

Do I need planning permission for flat conversaions?

You do need planning permission to convert a flat. As mentioned in the previous What is a Converted Property, a conversion is an act of using a property for purposes other than those originally intended.

Planning permission is the legal way someone can employ building work in their specific city or town. The local council will either grant permission or refuse based on many criteria under the Environmental Agency and National Planning Policy Framework. You should contact your local authorities with any queries about the specific aspects, what form of planning permission you need, and whether it is necessary to get planning permission for your building project.

Your planning permission may be harder to obtain if your conversion plans are for buildings within Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Always check with the local authorities before starting any conversion work.

Fortunately, London loft conversions come with a high probability of obtaining the appropriate planning permissions. Here at Trimble Architects, we know exactly what is required for your projects to be given the green flag by planning officials.

Quick planning permissions mean that as soon as your project is legally and officially accepted, work on your project can begin and be completed within a short time. The planning permissions that you obtain will dictate what possibilities are available on your property.

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