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Are you looking for a refurbishment architect in London? Our Twickenham based RIBA chartered architect offers a complete service for planning and refurbishing your home or business. Contact us to discuss loft conversion architect services for Hounslow, Twickenham, Richmond, Kingston Upon Thames, Teddington and South London.

Home Renovation Architects

Our company, specialising in private residential projects, has executed projects ranging from new build designs to house rehabilitation and refurbishment, including extensions and basements, around London and the United Kingdom. 

We have effectively and elegantly integrated contemporary architectural technology and features into the original fabric of many conservation and heritage building projects.

Our architectural team is known for developing unique concepts and site-specific design solutions, bringing together creative vision and technical talents from concept to construction. House renovations and mixed-use developments are almost always pricey. 

Our residential architects collaborate closely with our customers to assess project viability. This encompasses both planning goals and critical business considerations for multiple occupancy architecture. 

To create value-added unique design solutions for all housing plans, the studio blends strategic thinking with design innovation.

This guarantees that projects are marketable and satisfy long-term occupancy requirements. If you're finding that you want to refurbish your home or listed building, feel free to email and leave it to us. 

Our years of experience working in the architecture and refurbishment field allows us to provide high levels of competent and good work all year round, at all times. 

As a part of being listed under the RIBA, we understand that changes can be necessary to home renovations. Across London, Clerkenwell and Wimbledon, we can provide beautiful refurbishments and commissioned works that are expensive in size and timescale.

We always bear in mind the many approaches to find and take in order to provide a flawless refurbish. Our RIBA chartered renovation is an excellent chance to enhance a property's 'energy in-use performance.

The installation of energy-efficient solutions must take into account all other areas of refurbishment work, particularly the materials, products, and materials utilised in their manufacture.

From Hackney to Clapham, we can always provide the potential to make your building better; from the designing applications to meetings and consultations, we strive to provide the best experience possible

 With us, every individual's needs are considered and all measurements are put in place to make the service as smooth as possible. From the inside to the outside, we make sure that our work reflects your dream home.

Providing beautiful homes is what we constantly work towards - no matter what grade they are, we aim to fulfil your aspirations. This means that whatever you aspire to have designed will be carried out and flawlessly completed by us. We are committed to providing the home of your dreams.

Our ethos is creating an enjoyable home on your behalf.

There's no need to doubt yourself, simply come and talk with us - we're happy to have a conversation about your building interests; we enjoy obtaining your permission to carry out any refurbishments.

For the period of time that we work on your building, we aim to completely deliver the look you're going for as we ll as enable pragmatic interests such as energy efficiency. Design blueprints serve as the foundation for any structural alteration or upgrade.

They are required for any construction project to be completed. They frequently provide a full discussion of the specifications that must be included in house building and restoration.

Refurbishment Architect London

A well-thought-out design concept will reflect a perfect house and increase its worth. We can provide the best refurbishment designs for old and new homes across England; our expertise is next to none. We can cover all aspects of your home, from the garden to the floor - simply leave it to us. 

At our studio, we place a focus on inspiration and ideas on how to fix your interiors and save you money in the long run. Our objectives within our studio are to advise, explore and transform your spaces into a homely luxury that poses no damage risk.

Our architect constantly practices good design tactics in order to transform your space into a full ranged paradise throughout the UK. We have extensive experience with planning applications and work closely with each individual to make sure that our studio is working in their best interest. 

Our studio works with refurbishment projects that are situated in English heritage. Our design processes are always fairly simple and easy to follow; we create intelligent concept designs that are sure to leave your new building cost-effective for many years.

Additionally, we always make sure that our interior design studio acquires planning permission from the local council if you're looking for house extensions. Our talented architects are able to provide sustainable architecture across London, England and Wales.

Any architectural project is overseen by our interior designers and project management so that any residential architecture or residential development is efficiently completed by our project team.

Refurbishment Specialists, You Can Trust

We lay a strong emphasis on offering a wide range of services to fulfil the demands of every client. This contrasts sharply with the current market for architectural designers in London and the rest of the United Kingdom. 

We help our clients transition smoothly from one stage of the building process to the next by giving necessary recommendations and any other information they require.

As a result, our brand stands out in the business, and our client base continues to grow regularly. When pursuing architectural planning or architectural consulting services, your primary objective should be to produce an appropriately planned structure. Such structures have an aesthetically pleasing appearance as well as a long lifetime. 

Our studio prioritises construction designs that are tailored to the individual needs and concepts of each customer with whom we engage.

Refurbishment Specialists London

To ensure the success of your building project, we offer professional and reputable building planners, refurbishment specialists, architectural consulting services, and engineers.

Furthermore, we ensure that our skilled staff follows all building laws. When working on your property, we oversee every project with immense detail and respect. We provide compiled surveys on homes, buildings and apartments - we take pride in our work; we hope you can too.

We keep the property safe for all the family and make sure that any windows are supported so that there's no risk of damage when your building is being transformed.

When working on refurbishments, nothing is a challenge; it's vital that are schemes are conceived with precision and a sense of integrity. When it comes to fixing any exterior, we make sure that owners are informed in due course.

We like to keep a balance between inspired creativity and reality when your refurbishment designs are developed.

Our team aims to use their knowledge to create a timeless refurbishment that can last through the ages.

Our engineering skills and practical nature allow us to complete a wide scope of building refurbishments, bringing innovative sustainability to the forefront of the project. Feel free to discuss with our team, our wealth of knowledge and experience is sure to help you.

What Does Planning Application Involve?

Our studio will assist you with any architectural planning processes you need to follow, regardless of the type of the task (commercial or residential). 

You will be assisted in developing high-quality architectural drawings, completing your planning application, and submitting it to the local government in order to proceed with your project.

The procedure for submitting a planning application necessitates significant understanding, which is why you should contact us before submitting it to the local authorities. We will provide free consulting services from the start.

Heritage or Conservation Renovations

Constructed heritage comprises significant historic buildings, ancient monuments, and listed structures, as well as buildings in conservation zones, older buildings of traditional construction, and any other notable built asset. You may reside in one of the six million traditional-style homes, such as a Georgian, Victorian, or Edwardian terraced house.

Alternatively, you may reside in a conservation area or a listed structure. All of these are part of our built legacy and should be cared for in the best way possible. 

The phrase conservation area refers to an urban district or village centre that is 'desirable to conserve or enhance' due to its architectural or historical relevance. It is meant to safeguard the neighbourhood or region as a whole rather than single structures.

Do you need an Architect for Refurbishment?

One of the first considerations you must make when improving your house is whether or not you require the services of an architect. It may have a significant influence on the cost and quality of construction projects.

We look at whether having one is a smart option, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of working with one. Some people can execute large projects, such as whole-house renovations and extensions, without the aid of an architect. 

Others employ one for little projects like remodelling a bathroom or repainting a kitchen.

Hiring an architect for significant projects that change the structure and outside of your house, such as an extension, loft conversion, garage conversion, or basement conversion, may guarantee that you are building a safe and legal addition to your home.

Do You Need An Architect For Refurbishment?

What is Full Refurbishment?

The process of improving anything by cleaning, decorating, and re-equipping it is known as refurbishment.

It may also involve retrofitting elements aimed at making a building more energy-efficient and sustainable. Effective renovation may greatly prolong a building's lifespan, making it a critical component in establishing a circular economy.

Each building is unique, not just structurally, technically, and typologically, but also in its local environment. The appropriate strategy for restoration should be determined based on the specific requirements.

From the beginning of the project to the completion of the refurbishment, designers should strive to understand the real usage of existing buildings and connect with a wide range of stakeholders.

Why do Buildings need refurbishment?

Your office's appearance and feel tell a lot about your company. After all, it is the first thing clients see when they arrive and may make a lasting impression.

While you may give the greatest service and your personnel may be the nicest and most professional in the world, operating out of an outdated facility that appears to have seen better days may harm your future.

Sometimes a renovation is required merely to make a house feel like a home. Years pass in the blink of an eye, and before you realise it, your property may begin to seem shabby or out of date. You may bring it up to date and make it seem more homely by renovating it.

What is the Difference Between Refurbishment and Renovation?

These two phrases are frequently used interchangeably, but they are not identical, and precision is crucial in our profession. 

The key distinction between the two is that renovation frequently refers to returning something to its original or repair state (which in our niche is to do with restoring a building, window or door to its former condition).

The process of cleaning, equipping or decorating something to enhance it is known as refurbishment. It may also include retrofitting components to make a structure more energy-efficient and sustainable.

Reasons to Refurbish your Existing Property:


Depending on your budget and needs, a makeover may be as huge or as small as you choose.

Cladding, for example, may make a significant impact on the thermal properties of your outside walls. This may also give your facility the appearance of being ultra-modern and business-ready.

You may also conduct interior remodelling, such as installing a new welcome area, opening up the offices, and upgrading the IT infrastructure. You can choose from the available choices.


A refurbishment may be adapted to your specific requirements, and in certain situations, you can continue to work on the premises while it is being completed.

We've completed a number of refurbishments for public organisations such as universities and municipal governments, generally motivated by the need for a fresh appearance at the lowest feasible cost.

That doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality.


Modernisation of your office building will not only encourage employees but will also attract high achievers who will make a difference in your company or organisation. It will surely impress visiting clients or consumers who are considering doing business with you.Contrary to common belief, appearance is very important in today's corporate environment.

It's especially crucial in fields like education and higher education, where prospective students are more inclined to interact with cutting-edge facilities rather than an old, worn-down structure that appears to have seen better days. However, it applies to any firm that wishes to project the appropriate identity to the outside world.

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