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Are you looking for a  Structural Surveyor for the Twickenham and south London areas? Contact our RICS chartered surveyor to discuss your requirements.

What is a Structural Survey?

Structural surveys are detailed inspection to check the condition of a commercial or residential property. This is important to be able to plan around the imperfections of the property to make sure your design ideas will work. If we feel your plans wouldn't work with the existing structure, we will help give you ideas to find the problems.

The process involves building surveys reports and property valuations and is carried out by RICS chartered surveyors, which our company have the experience to provide for our clients. Whether it's for extensions, refurbishments or conversions, structural surveying is essential.

Why do you need a Structural Survey?

The purpose of structural surveys is to examine the building thoroughly. This helps to avoid any problems that may occur because of the property's condition. Structural Surveys ensure nothing is missed, as a thorough examination is done on the building. This is usually relevant to older properties but is required before any building project is started.

If we feel that the building needs repairing before any architectural services can take place, we will bring our project management skills and ensure the project runs smoothly. Not only do Structural Surveys prevent more damage to the property, but it also ensures the safety of the workers and future users, due to unstable walls or broken roof tiles. 

What is the Difference Between a Structural Engineer and a Surveyor?

Structural Engineer

The aim of a structural engineer is to keep a building's structure intact for as long as possible. This mainly involves floors, walls and ceilings, keeping them strong and stable, throughout the building work.

A structural engineer is also trained to design temporary building work, which is used until the whole construction project is complete.


A surveyor is a professional who carries out a survey on different things involved in the project to ensure you are able to carry out the plans. There are many different types of surveyors, including:

  • Party Wall Surveyors
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Land Surveyors 
  • Building Surveyors
  • And many more!

This means you will, more often than not, need a surveyor throughout your entire architectural process, and for each individual stage.

How Much Does a Structural Survey Cost UK?

There are many different structural surveys that cost different amounts. The overall price will largely depend on how large the building is that needs to be surveyed. However, it is important to choose the right survey based on your requirements, and not the cost. 

  • RICS Condition Report: These can cost around £250
  • RICS HomeBuyer Report: These can cost around £400
  • RICS Building Survey: These usually cost between £400 and £500
  • Building or Full Structural Survey: These usually cost around £600
  • New-build Snagging Survey: These usually cost around £300

Is a Structural Survey Worth it?

This is mostly down to personal preference, but from a professional point of view, it is definitely worth it. A structural survey can find any problems with the property that may cost money, or decrease the overall value of the property, so they're beneficial if you are buying or selling a house.

Why Surveys can be Useful

There are many reasons that a survey can be useful. For example: To identify problems around your home that you may not know about- it could help you to decide whether to buy a home or not, as it will give you an indication as to whether you will need to spend a lot of money on the repairs. It's also helpful to identify how much the house is worth if you are looking to sell it.

Structural Surveyor near me: Areas we cover

If you are looking for a London structural surveyor get in touch today. Trimble Architects works with clients throughout London and the surrounding areas including:

How can we help?

Trimble Architects is based in Twickenham, in south-west London and provides its services to the surrounding local areas. We can do the Structural Surveying for you, with the added benefit of providing architectural perspective, which is often needed if you are purchasing a property and want to add additional construction work, such as extensions or conversions.

Our Project Management involves Structural Surveys, Access Audits, Planning Permission Consultancy, Party Wall Agreements and Construction Risk Management. We also have full supervision at the construction site to ensure the process stays productive and on schedule. Our aim is to take the hassle and stress away from our client's projects and make sure they get the best outcome possible.

Are you looking for a Structural Surveyor for the Twickenham and south London areas? Our team of experienced architects will be happy to answer any of your questions and queries. Contact our RICS chartered surveyor to discuss your requirements.

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